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Paige head shotAs some of you know, my husband is a full-time college student and we have two little boys. We live in a college town with literally thousands of people constantly looking for jobs. Employers don’t have to pay above minimum wage ($7.25/hr) because they ALWAYS have applicants. Before LuLaRoe I worked 3 part-time jobs to help support my family. My main goal was to be a stay-at-home mom but I also needed to bring in money to help support our family. I hosted my first LuLaRoe party at my home and I was hooked. I needed to be part of this company. I quit my meaningless part-time job and took a risk. It has been a wonderful journey and such a blessing to our family. I felt like I should share this in case any of you are looking for something like this to help your family.

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My name is Andreaandrea-gerber Gerber and I love LuLaRoe! I was an elementary school teacher for 7 years and was just able to quit and do LuLaRoe full-time! I loved being a teacher. Teaching will always be in my heart and soul. But, it took my heart and soul away from my husband and new marriage. We made the decision together to quit and haven’t looked back since. We officially became consultants in July of 2016, 2 months after our wedding, and have been at this for 5 months. We have already been able to qualify for the LuLaRoe cruise incentive for our sales amounts! We didn’t take a honeymoon and are beyond thrilled to get this vacation.

I went to my first in-home popup when I was visiting my sister in Texas 2 years ago. I bought a few pieces, then didn’t know where to find the clothes, so I stopped buying. I reconnected with my friend, Paige, and found out she was a LuLaRoe consultant. I started buying from her and my buying slowly turned into an obsession! I couldn’t believe that a unique company sold clothes in my size…in plus size! I loved feeling beautiful again after a hard few years in my life. I had gained weight after going through a hard marriage and divorce. I wasn’t happy. Who would have thought that fashion could have lifted my spirits and helped me feel amazing?

My husband and I
have been so blessed to be able to serve those around us. LuLaRoe has afforded us opportunities that we keep very close to our hearts. We are continually amazed by the relationships we get to build with others and the strength that is developing in our marriage as we work together to make this opportunity AWESOME for our family!

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We are LuLaRoe Abbi & Brenda and are a mothabbi-workmaner-daughter team recently transplanted to the Y
akima, Washington area. We have been with LuLaRoe since this August and have been loving every minute of it!

We have learned so much about each other and ourselves in the last few months and the complimentary aspects of our personalities. LuLaRoe has given us the opportunity to set goals and learn self-discipline; all while being the most comfortable in clothing we have ever been!

We have loved helping women feel beautiful and rediscovering their confidence and self-love through not only the clothing line, but the culture of LuLaRoe.

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hannah-marsMy name is Hannah Mars and I’m the consultant behind LuLaRoe from Mars. After being a LLR addict for almost 2 years, my husband finally convinced me to join. Yes, my husband has been amazingly supportive and is a big reason behind my “why”.

LuLaRoe has allowed us to spend more time together and even allowed my husband to take 2 months off of work before he got deployed. I love feeling put together, comfortable, and cute as I wrangle a toddler and nurse a newborn. I’m excited to see where my LLR journey takes me next!

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I’m Ally Maally-macycy and I have been a part of the wonderful world of LuLaRoe since February  2016. Befor
e I became a consultant, I had been married for 3 years, my baby was 6 months old, and I was struggling to help provide for our family by working mundane part-time jobs. I knew several women who were making great money and having a ton of fun as LuLaRoe consultants, all while staying at home with their families. When my husband lost his job in February, I decided to take the leap of faith and
become a consultant. At that point, I only owned 2 pieces of LuLaRoe, but they were my 2 absolute favorite items of clothing. They didn’t make me feel like my body was too big or the wrong shape, like most other clothes do. I love that I now have all these beautiful LuLaRoe pieces in my closet that make me excited to get dressed! I love that I get to share that feeling of excitement and confidence with other women. Working with my customers, making new friends, and helping women feel beautiful has given me a great sense of purpose and fulfillment. On top of that, I am able to help relieve the financial stress in our family with something that I love to do. I love LuLaRoe!

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Hi Y’all! My naroseme is Rose Lambson. I grew up in Houston, TX and currently reside in Rexburg, ID. My wonderful husband’s name is Zachary Lamsbon. He is a high school history teacher and loves his job. We met at college and have been married for 3 years now. Zach and I have two beautiful daughters, Eva Marie and Hazel Jean. I am currently completing my bachelor’s degree at BYU-Idaho studying Art and Math Education.
LuLaRoe has blessed my family in so many ways. It has brought a second income into our home that has allowed us to go on vacations to visit family in Texas, Utah and California. We have also been able to make plans for the future that include buying a house, paying off student loans and a family vacation to Disneyland. Before LuLaRoe these plans were more of a burden rather than a joy. Now we are able to look at our future with more optimism than before. With LuLaRoe I have been able to learn how to manage my time better so I get to spend more time with my family. LuLaRoe has been a way of life for my family and I love seeing the happiness this company brings to other consultants and customers.

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helen-mootzHelen Mootz.
I am a mom of 2 wonderful children and a spoiled terrier mutt. I started with LuLaRoe because my daughter could not live without the leggings but also because I saw what a wonderful culture the women of LLR created for them and their families.
I have been with LuLaRoe for 4 months and it has helped support my family and give me comfort knowing that working hard pays off for us! I also enjoy that my “work” includes a lot of parties. 😉

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image1-2.JPGHi! I’m Kristy.  I’m a wife to my husband Ben and we have been married for 10 years and together even longer. I’m a mom to 2 amazing girls, Carly (7) and Claire (3)! We live in the beautiful and amazing state of Colorado in a little town called Aurora! I have a job where I work 3 nights a week but I’ve been wanting to find something where I can have normal hours and spend more time with my family…. enter LuLaRoe!  

My why, my reason, my purpose…I started as an addict!  I was invited to a few online parties thinking to myself that I would probably not buy anything. Well that didn’t happen. I bought my first items, an Irma and matching leggings, and it was all over!  I felt amazing when I put these clothes on!  I wasn’t self conscious and I didn’t question myself when I walked out the door. Then in November of 2015 I took the risk and started my own LuLaRoe business!  I want to help others feel the same way I now feel.  LuLaRoe makes awesome clothes that are flattering no matter your shape, size or age! They give you the confidence to feel good about yourself once again! 

So not only do I feel good about myself I’m able to work from home and be there for my family!  I’m able to provide a little extra with my LuLaRoe earnings that we didn’t have before and of course, look good doing it!  LuLaRoe makes you feel strong, amazing and confident and I’m so blessed to be apart of this company!  Let me help you feel great and amazing in what you wear!  Remember life is to short to wear boring clothes ❤

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