Toddlers, Puppies & Cute Clothes: A Fundraiser You Won’t Want to Miss!

I’m super excited to write this blog post. There has been so much negativity in the world this past week and it has made me think a lot about serving others and doing my part to make this world the kind of place that I want my children to grow up in. Quite frankly, I’m sick of looking at Facebook and seeing what people have to say. So I have an opportunity to turn my Facebook activity into something positive and service oriented. On November 17-21 I will be hosting a fundraiser on LuLaRoe Paige Hedrick New & Improved VIPS for an adorable three year old boy, Jax Wallace.View More:

This is Jax. Jax has Epilepsy. When Jax was just a week old his parents experienced his first night “episode”. And then they experienced another one a few weeks later, and another and another and another. When they brought it up with his pediatrician she assured it was normal night terrors. Then about 2 weeks after Jax’s first birthday, in the early morning hours, Jax had a very long, very serious grand mal seizure during which he stopped breathing. Luckily he happened to have fallen asleep in his parent’s bed the night before, otherwise they might have lost this sweet boy. After some rescue breathing, a call to an ambulance, and several days at Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC they had confirmation that Jax had epilepsy and his “night terrors” over the past year were in fact seizures.

Jax has several developmental delays because of this seizure disorder and spends several hours a week in a special education program and private speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Despite these challenges in his life, Jax has the sweetest spirit and happiest demeanor. His parent’s wanted to offer something to Jax that every parent wants for their child, independence and the quality of life he deserves.

The Wallace’s decided to apply for a service dog at 4 Paws For Ability. This dog will be trained to detect and respond to seizures, which will offer Jax so much indepensensory-dogdence as he grows. It will also be trained to assist in his therapy sessions by providing redirection when he gets over-stimulated, deep pressure and cuddling to help with
enrich Jax’s life and provide his parent’s with some peace of mind they deserve.

Well, they were approved! This highly specialized dog will cost $34,000 to train and 4Paws has asked that they fundraise for half of this amount-$17,000. Jax dad is in
the military and his mom is working on her Masters Degree while raising Jax, his little sister, and expecting another cute baby. Despite their busy schedules, they have worked hard to already raise $5400 to put towards Jax’s protector pup.

Isn’t that just such an amazing story?! Yeah, I thought so too.To top it off, I personally know the Wallace family. I have grown up with Jax’s mom and know what an amazing family they are. When I heard about their story my heart went out to them and I wanted to help. Fortunately for me, I have an AMAZING VIP shopping group who are filled with some of the kindest people I have never met (ha, seriously though, haven’t met them yet but what interaction I’ve had with them has left me in awe of the kind of people they are). I’ve already gotten a great response from them about helping out in this cause. The holidays are around the corner, there are Christmas gifts to be bought, family pictures to take, and outfits for special events to be worn. I can help with all of that!

SO, come shop with me November 17-21. I have hoarded some amazing “unicorn” prints just for this event! To top it all off, for every purchase you make, I will be donating 100% of my profit . My husband and I decided that we are going to help any way we can and not make this event about increasing OUR sales, but getting Jax the dog he needs! Please come support us in this cause. Help us get Jax this incredible service dog and help us to brighten this families life. It’s not every day that we can buy a dress AND help a little boy get a service dog, so take advantage of this special situation. Who knew the power of clothes?! 😉


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