My Favorite Maternity Styles

I’ve taken a little hiatus from this whole writing blog posts thing. In case you didn’t already know, I’m pregnant! I’m currently 5 months pregnant and due February 2nd. We just recently found out that baby #3 is our first GIRL! We are thrilled. When I found out I was expecting one of my first thoughts was, “Yay! I can wear my LuLaRoe through this pregnancy!”. For real, this excited me!

Maternity clothes are so expensive, not always that flattering, and not always that comfy. It’s cool when you don’t know any better, but now that I have LuLaRoe in my life there is no going back! I am a very comfort-oriented person. If my clothes are uncomfortable that is literally the only thing I can think about. So I have decided that I am going to avoid wearing maternity jeans and only go with leggings this pregnancy! I did wear some jean shorts this summer when it was just way too hot for leggings, but now that Fall has arrived and it’s nice and cool and leggings with boots are amazing.

So, what are some LuLaRoe styles that I have found to be the best maternity clothes? I’ll list them below:

  1. THE CARLY DRESS. You guys, this dress is seriously amazing. It’s like wearing pajamas all day. When it was hot I literally wore a Carly every day. People started to be shocked when they’d see me in something other than a Carly! What can I say, when you find a good thing why not go with it? With the Carly dress, I sized down 1 size to a small and also have a few in my regular size medium. The reason I only sized down 1 is because the high-low hemline. I didn’t want the front to be too short and with a growing belly this could quickly happen! It’s been weeks since I wore these dresses this summer and I still throw on a Carly and have no problems with either of those sizes.  Don’t worry, this isn’t just a summer dress! It transitions nicely into Fall and Winter with boots and leggings underneath! I love to pair it with a belt around my waist so it looks like I actually have a waist….somewhere lol. maternitycarly
  2. THE JULIA DRESS. Ah, Julia. So cute and flattering! I’m a little self conscious about the form fittedness (Real word? I don’t know) of the Julia when I’m not just gaining weight in my tummy. So I paired it with a Sarah Cardigan. I love how cute and non-frumpy I look in this outfit! At 5 months pregnant I can still wear my regular size medium Julia, but the one in the picture below is a large I got from my sister-in-law. I like the extra length on it and there is definitely room to grow. I think I can wear it the remainder of my pregnancy. maternityjulia
  3. IRMA & LEGGINGS: This classic a favorite bump or no bump, but look how cute it is? I normally wear One Size leggings and while I can still wear them, I find the Tall & Curvy leggings to be a bit more comfy (remember, I’m totally comfort oriented). So here I am in an XS Irma (regular size) and solid TC leggings (not regular size). I LOVED THIS COMBO! It was so cute, casual and comfy. See, here I am in the Sam’s Club parking lot. Pre-LuLaRoe, comfy and casual maternity consisted of my husbands t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants. This is so much cuter!! maternityirmaleggings

As my bump grows and I get to try my wardrobe on my “new” body, I’ll have to do more blog posts, because I know you are all dying to see what these clothes look like on pregnant me. 😉


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