How Can I Be a Fashion Consultant? I Don’t Even Like Getting Dressed.

Many people feel unqualified to be a “Fashion Consultant“, quite frankly, it scares them. I totally get that! Before I started with LuLaRoe I was all about my mom uniform, black yoga pants and an oversized shirt. Sure, I dressed up occasionally, but my go-to everyday look was the I-look-like-I-just-worked-out-but-let’s-be-real-I-didn’t look. But guess what? When I found LuLaRoe, I didn’t WANT to wear yoga pants every day. I didn’t want to wear my husband‘s t-shirt to the store. I didn’t want to wear my moccasin slippers with every outfit. Once I found LuLaRoe, I finally realized that it was possible to be CUTE and COMFORTABLE.

I always thought that you had to sacrifice comfort for fashion, and that’s always what I did. Here comes the best news ever- YOU DON’T!! I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I hate wearing jeans. I just do! I still wear them but holy cow, I do not enjoy it. So what was the alternative to jeans? YOGA PANTS. At least that’s what I thought my only alternative was. If you saw me now, you’d never guess that I used to toss my hair in a bun (because do you seriously do your hair when you’re just putting on yoga pants?) and throw on my “mom uniform” and go to the store, hoping I didn’t run into anyone I knew. I have so many options now, it’s  fantastic. I can go weeks without wearing jeans.

Someone asked me just the other day, “so you really just get dressed in the morning and put a pencil skirt on?” and the answer is YES. Heck yes! My Cassie Pencil Skirts are 100xs more comfy to me than my jeans. I will wear a skirt every day! You may be thinking, well skirts aren’t my thing, and let me tell you, they weren’t mine either. I wore skirts and dresses for church every Sunday but that was it. I never just wore one during the week, unless I was getting dressed up for a special occasion. Now, I always look nice.

LuLaRoe makes the transition from overly casual to put together so simple and effortless. These clothes are amazingly comfortable. So, if you are like how I was, don’t let the words “fashion consultant” scare you away from joining LuLaRoe. You’ll find once you build your LuLaRoe wardrobe you’ll be excited to get dressed in the morning (something I didn’t experience pre-LuLaRoe). Not a skirt girl? No worries, our leggings are phenomenal. Feel like yoga pants, but look dressed and ready for the day. Win win…win. Don’t forget to follow (Bottom right hand corner) my blog for my great insights, or check out my Facebook shopping page.

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