How LuLaRoe Has Changed My Life

LuLaRoe Changed My Life

This September will be my two year anniversary with LuLaRoe. This picture was actually taken right before I joined, look at that cute little guy!! This has been a long and awesome journey, and I have personally grown SO much! This has taken me outside my comfort zone, made me think outside the box, helped me to do things I never thought I was capable of, and make friendships I otherwise would not have made. I have been blessed beyond measure because I decided to take this chance.

One blessing that stands out specifically to me, is the financial freedom our family has experienced because of LuLaRoe. My husband is a full-time college student and we have two little boys. My main reason for doing LuLaRoe is so I could help my family financially while still staying home with my kids. As you can imagine, money has been tight since we came to school. There have been times where we wonder how we’ll make ends meet and every time we got a bill in the mail I felt like I was going to be sick.

I had been doing LuLaRoe for a year when my husband told me that we owed the school $2000 for our health insurance. There was a mistake with the billing department, so we were not aware that our health insurance had not been in the pile of bill that had already been paid. For us to keep our coverage, we had to pay that bill immediately. At first, I thought, $2000?! How are we just going to fork that money over?? And then I realized. I had more than enough in my business account to cover that, and still allow me to place a sizable order for new inventory. There was nothing to stress about.

I got out my checkbook and wrote the school a $2000 check and delivered it to them that day. Best of all, I didn’t feel sick! That was huge for our family. A $2000 expense would have crippled us and maxed out our credit cards, and ended up costing us more money. But because I had been working hard, saving money, and MAKING MONEY DAILY, this expense was able to be paid without feeling like we were going to have to sell our first born.

How has LuLaRoe changed my life? It has given me the chance to be FREE. Free from the stress of bills piling up, free from the guilt of leaving my children to work a meaningless part-time call center job, free from the constant wonder of “what extra things can I do to make some money?”. FREE. We are now paying off debt, saving for a home, and doing fun things together as a family. If you have some of the same struggles I had, let me help you find your freedom!┬áDon’t forget to follow (Bottom right hand corner) my blog for my great insights, or check out my Facebook shopping page.

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