Why I Chose LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe started in my hometown of Corona. Soon my Facebook newsfeed was filled with pictures of friends from back home wearing their cute maxi skirts and modest, fashionable dresses. I was so jealous that I was not home to enjoy it with them. Then I found out that LuLaRoe had fashion consultants, and like other direct sales companies, did in-home parties. I was so excited to find out one of my acquaintances, Hilary, from home lived 3 minutes away from me and sold LuLaRoe. Even though I had just had a baby six weeks prior, I called my friend and booked a party for that week. When Hilary came and set up her inventory I was so excited. I had friends coming in and out, trying on clothes, and everyone was impressed with how cute and modest the clothing was.

I passed my baby off to my mom so I could go in my room to try on my small pile of clothes. I was in heaven. Six weeks after having a baby, my body was not how I wanted it to be. None of my clothes fit me properly. All were either too big (maternity clothes) or too small. I felt gross because I was not comfortable in anything I wore and never felt cute. But that all changed when I slipped on my first Nicole dress by LuLaRoe. I looked cute! Better than looking cute, I felt cute. Something I hadn’t experiences for months. I was so excited that I bought two dresses for myself. It probably wasn’t in our budget, but I felt so fantastic and was so happy to finally have clothes that fit me and looked good that I didn’t care.

The party was fun, easy, and I got a free maxi skirt! I couldn’t stop thinking about LuLaRoe. I asked Hilary about startup costs; $5000. **Drop jaw here** That was way more than I thought it would be, but I still couldn’t get it out of my mind. After a lot of talking and brainstorming with my husband, I sent my paperwork into LuLaRoe so I could become a fashion consultant! Don’t forget to follow (Bottom right hand corner) my blog for my great insights, or check out my Facebook shopping page.

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